Change is Inevitable.

First i would like to tell you as a person i hate change and it seems really stupid.I have this split personality where i want to travel and explore ,at the same time want to be in my safe zone where i would read and write and think.But often in a tug of war to prioritize which to choose between the two.

This year was roller coaster with a lot of “Events” and Changes .To start with i graduated from college early this year The inevitable change  , then i had to weigh my options to find a start with my career which lead me to Bangalore(the IT capital of India) which only lasted a week and half,when i found myself in the train to “City of Pearls”(Hyderabad).

At first i had a hard time coping up with everything as the food,the language (Telugu) and the culture difference was huge.It was not a piece of cake juggling my new life with reading and working and making myself home in this new city.I found new friends but the language barrier were huge and sometimes i felt left alone with my own thoughts.Its been only three months here that and to my own amazement i started to like this new life of mine.

But nothing lasts for ever and now we are relocating to Bangalore again.This just fell like a dismay and now i am feeling very stressed to move again.The change just feels like inescapable, and utterly devastating and i am not having a good mind whenever i am thinking of packing again.

It is a total chaos all together, this is mine to enjoy and worry and cry over when i am tired.Just being a total lunatic i am enjoying my life now and feel very alive,although I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE.

Whole shelves of bangles in a pearl shop
Evening view



Now to my knowledge on change ,many of us know it already and some of us even though does not believe in destiny ,but as a person who believes in time i do believe we do not have a choice of our own to do things.This flow of life even though we try to fight it, it eventually take us where ever we are meant to be.As shallow as it seems with this short period of time i came to know how hard it is to change your plans and be in a place where you never thought to be in.

“One whole lifetime will give you enough surprises that you wont find death a surprising one as it seems”.

These surprises never stops,whether you want it or not,the roads ahead will take sharp turns,and you cant do anything other than to sit tight and travel through.

Street Vendors with perfume in Hyderabad.





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